. Oren Hydrocarbons

Oren Hydrocarbons is the brain child of Mr. Ahmad, a hard core professional. Incorporated in the year 1990 Oren has never looked back since then. After 2003, Oren witnessed a 70% growth in the turnover year after year. Mr. Ahmad has always envisaged in delivering promptly the complete solution of mud chemical drilling fluids with the right epitome of quality and efficiency. Oren has attained organizational excellence by the development and inspiration that Mr. Ahmad has given. He has always given the best of his knowledge and thus provided opportunities for growth, well being and enrichment of Oren.

Oren is a pioneer in the Drilling chemical manufacturing sector with an ISO Certification. It has its corporate office in Chennai, India. Oren Hydrocarbons is a hub for more than 500 + employees directly. Not only this, the company has laid indirect employment opportunities to more than 2000 + people. Oren has a strong footing in a number of profitable ventures, some of which are against tough competition globally. With the rejuvenation of its convoy of mud chemicals and engineering solutions, Oren’s accomplishment rate is at par worldwide.