. Oren Hydrocarbons

Quality, safety and other certifications have been the foundation of Oren’s management system over the years. All our units are certified to the latest standards of globally recognized certifications for drilling fluids and mud chemicals manufacturing to providing confidence to customers and strong internal practices. In recent years, many business have integrated their certifications into an Integrated Management System (IMS),thus making these integral part of the Oren’s management way.

The products manufactured by Oren which are all falling under the preview of Spec 13A of The American Petroleum Institute have been authorized and licensed to use the Monogram on the products.


API Certifications

Barite - Kodur

Bentonite - Bhuj

Starch - Chennai

TUV Certifications

Corporate Office Chennai

Bentonite - BHUJ

Barite - Kodur

PAC, CMC & Starch - Nagari

Starch - Chennai